Chad performed “The Mason” at the Stroum JCC’s A Star is Born Gala back in February. 

They tried so hard to drag me down low. They didn’t count on the radio!

I had no idea this was even happening but Chad participated in a free reading of a new play called the Liquidation Play at Roundabout Underground last night. Photo credit to Raellen Foreman. 

Chad and Stephanie Reese. Photo credit to Jen Reese

Chad and Stephanie Reese performing at the Typhoon Haiyan benefit

Major Chad updates!

Hello all! Hope you guys have had a lovely holiday season and happy new year!  A couple quick updates to start 2014:

1. Some of you who are fans of Chad on facebook may have seen this but last month, he admitted that he had gone to rehab for an addiction to adderall. You can see the full post about it here. Very awesome that he, first of all, got help and, second of all, felt ok admitting it in such a public forum so big congrats to Chad!

2. Even more recently, Chad performed in a benefit concert in Seattle, his hometown, to raise money for the victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines. I’ll post pictures and video in the posts to follow!

I will try my best to continue to keep this site updated as often as possible. Any questions, comments, submissions send them our way! 


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